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25 September 2006 - 9:17 AM


.. from the weekend.

Sleeping. Check.

WoW: No luck on the AQ20 drop (went to AQ, item didn't drop. HATE that). Did get a ring upgrade on a guild run to UBRS, however and did catch a nice Stratholme group with some folk from the raid alliance, which got my mage the spellbook for the new rank of conjured food. Not bad.

Aside: while in Stratholme (in fact, while fighting the boss on the Scarlet side), I got a /tell asking for a portal to Ironforge. Almost as good as the time when I was in Dire Maul and got a /tell in Chinese asking for bread (a guildie from Singapore translated for me). GO AWAY.

Knitting: did work on blanket, did manage to get a start on the swatchcap. Swatchcap ate more time than I would have liked (due to one stupid error and the time it took to correct). Also I think I'll need a second ball of the yarn (Mission Falls 1824 Wool in teal) to finish the cap. Overall, however, pretty good. If I manage to work out the crown decreases elegantly I might even post the pattern when I'm done.

Sewing: got the sleeves attached to the fleecy, the side seams sewn, and the facings tacked down. Stalled when I couldn't find the clasps I'd bought to close it. Did not touch the dress.

Clever blog titles: nope. Still accepting suggestions. Like a lot of people, I'm having guestbook issues, so leave a note or drop me an email if you have a bright idea. Fact: guestbook issues are pushing me in the direction of blogger. Free comments there.

Laundry: nope. Gotta do that tonight.

Cooking: soup made. Chicken roasted. Actual vegetables cooked for sides to chicken. Pretty good. Also leftovers, which makes meal planning for the rest of the week easier.

Dishes: Done. Need to empty the dishwasher, but aside from soaking out the crock from the crockpot, the sink is clean.

Dog walking: both Saturday and Sunday. Good. Added benefit: taking walks tires the dog out, so he is less antsy in the evening when the Viking and I just want to sit and watch TV or whatever.

Cat snuggling: done. Fergus is not going to be happy with us for going away this weekend, but he'll just have to deal. We're going to the beach for a few days.

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