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22 September 2006 - 11:26 AM

Agenda ...

... for the weekend:


WoW - AQ20 with the raid alliance. Here's hoping I finally get the quest drop I need to get the ring for the hunter set.

Knitting. Got a blanket to finish, and I want to work on a swatch-cap as a prelude to the Viking's Dragonskin pullover. Plus Frivolous Sock 2 is not yet cast on. And, and, and.

Sewing. I have one nearly finished dress which has been nearly finished for probably 2 years, and a nearly finished fleecy jacket which has been nearly finished for even longer. A couple hours solid work would finish both.

Thinking up clever blog titles. This one's a little tired and I'm contemplating a move off d-land as well ... not anytime soon as I just paid for another year's worth of gold membership, but contemplating, anyway. Not to LJ, maybe to blogger. I've registered on blogger and am playing around to see if I like it. Getting the template right will be the biggest challenge. I like their basic layout, but it's all about the personalisation. Suggestions for clever blog titles will be gratefully accepted.

(speaking of LJ, if you're there and want to syndicate my journal here, go ahead. I don't mind. If I move to blogger, I will be syndicatable there as well, and I probably still won't mind).


Cooking. I think this will be a good weekend for soup.



Cat-snuggling. Poor Fergus somehow missed me getting home last night and then turning around and heading out with the dog. When I got back from the walk, the Viking told me that Fergus came flying when he heard the door close and spent 5 minutes sitting at the door crying. Fergus is not usually very vocal, so I guess he was upset that he couldn't get to me, or didn't know where I was.

It remains to be seen how much of this will actually happen, but I'm hoping to get at least some of the crafting done. The dress, for example, needs just neckline, sleeve hems, and skirt hem finished. The fleecy needs the second sleeve sewn on and the finishing done. Added motivation: the fleecy will be nice to have for walking the dog.

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