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27 September 2006 - 2:43 PM

Running Away

Haven't been knitting much this week. Have managed to get a couple walks in. Have mostly been busting butt trying to get a couple things off my desk so that the Viking and I can go to the beach tomorow without undue guilt and worry about my deadlines.

That's the trouble with getting a promotion. They expect you to do more work, faster. Did I mention I'd gotten a promotion? I did, somewhere in that ugly window when I was having that migraine and everything else.

But I think I have the worst of it dealt with, so we can go to the beach.

and we're never coming back.

Well, if I were in charge of the universe, we wouldn't come back, anyway. Sadly, I am not in charge of the universe and we may have to return.

Tonight is suitcase packing, laundry finishing, stuff organising time. Tomorrow the Viking works in the morning, I take the dog to Maman's, I load the suitcases in the car, pick up the Viking, and we hit the road. We're staying the same place we stayed last year, which is to say in an entirely adequate hotel on the beach within easy walking distance of a good bar, the foot of the boardwalk, and several high quality minigolfs.

Seriously, could you want something better than easy access to the Temple of Dragons putt-putt?

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If so, what? I mean really, does it get better?

I don't think so.

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