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16 July 2004 - 6:42 PM


It's just been one of those 24-hour spans I'd like to forget, you know?

Nothing overtly horrible happened, mind you. It was a case of my tired-and-grumpy just-home-from-work self crossing the Viking's tired-and-grumpy just-home-from work self with highly grumpy results. He wasn't mad at me and I wasn't mad at him, but it took both of us losing our patience and yelling to work that out.

It doesn't help that he's at one of those unpleasant frustration points right now, either. Of course I feel awful about it. It's not my fault in any logical sense but he moved to Atlantia to be with me and I want very badly for him to be happy here, but he is distinctly frustrated and unhappy with certain aspects of Atlantian life and there's not a demmed thing I can do to make it better.

That's one hell of a run-on sentence. I stopped teaching English a month ago and look what's happened to me.

It's probably a sign I should shut up about my petty little problems. Whining isn't going to help. I don't have the faintest clue what will help, but whining definitely isn't it.

Sigh. It's almost 7, the Viking's not home from work yet, and I'm tired and sad. That's a hell of a way to be on a Friday night.

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