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19 July 2004 - 1:30 PM

Attitude Adjustments

It's amazing what a little sleep can do for a person's mood. Watching Fergus (the 8-lb minipanther) and Orion (the 70-lb golden galoot) play tag -- I think it was tag; it might have been Calvinball -- up and down the hallway helped too.

On the Viking's part, a little sleep and finding someone who could make the necessary repair to his helm before Pennsic (the discovery of a popped weld on the grille was the precipating factor in the frustration rant on Thursday) did wonders.

Saturday was barbeque day at White Wing headquarters, which was pleasant. Also pleasant was the blackcurrant lambic Geoff shared with me, and yes, I do have a new best friend. Anyone wishing to compete for this position should apply in writing and send along a bottle of lambic. Applications will be processed in order and a decision will be reached after due consideration of the quality of the writing and flavour of the lambic.

Yesterday we made a less than wholly festive excursion to the Crape Myrtle Festival at Homestead (in the rain -- that was what reduced the overall festivity) where I spent my accumulated Myrtle Money on Artemisias ('Powis Castle' and 'Silver Mound') to finish out Artemis' garden. I also got an Eastern bleeding heart (Dicentra eximia) which will advance my plans to have more exciting foliage in the shady parts of the garden and to grow more native plants. Anyone know a good source for Lupinus perennis?

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