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15 July 2004 - 6:22 PM

Never enough time

I'm reluctant to say that Spot's any better, though the bloating may have gone down a bit. She's no worse, anyway, and is eating her peas, which is a good sign. She's not super-happy about being in the hospital tank, but since she's used to being in a 30-gallon aquarium, I can understand why.

Work enters a new phase, in which I will be taught how to respond to comments on proposed rules. After that comes learning how to write amendatory language, which is more interesting than it sounds. I am hoping I won't have to take the advanced course offered by the same people who taught the class I just took, though I suppose I shouldn't complain about something for which I didn't have to pay and which provided me with free cookies and coffee.

We have to start working on Pennsic prep this weekend. Not that I get to go, as I don't have sufficient leave accumulated to be able to go, but the Viking will be going and of course needs tunics and other supplies.

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