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26 October 2006 - 10:06 AM


It took longer than I'd hoped but the replacement booties are done. I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind-off and got an acceptably stretchy finish (it's in Knitting Without Tears but I also found a nice web tutorial on how to do it and of course have now misplaced the link). No fret about fitting. I am half-tempted to skip washing them this time.

Maman says the hat is repaired -- not perfectly, as of course the dog put the hole right by one of the faggoted bands that come down from the points of the star, so there was no making it quite right, but repaired sufficiently, and as Maman says, we turn that part to the back when he wears it for the day, and then she gets it shadowboxed with the repair put to the rear so no one sees, and we will never speak of this again.

Poor Sis is infinitely more upset about the whole business than I am -- after an initial AUGH! or three, I've got it out of my system. Stuff happens. Simon's a chewer, but otherwise a good dog, and meh. I had extra yarn, it's all OK. I will make the boy another Shining Star (I have a skein of dark blue Baby Ull waiting for an assignment) and use the sewn bindoff.

Sis does report that Baby Shedir makes a sensation wherever it goes, which is a nice warm-fuzzy. Lots of 'wow!' and 'who does cables like that?' and 'your sister can knit for me anytime!' (to which Sis answers, 'you can't afford her') plus a lot of complimentary comments on the colour.

Apparently parents of little boys get tired of unending seas of pale blue items. Who knew?

(And that, actually, makes me feel a little bad about making a blue hat, but Sis says that since he has all these blue things, he might as well have a hat to go with them. Still, when I gear up for another project, I'll probably get some red yarn or something else not blue).

As for working on the mitts last night? Nope. So I guess I'm taking them with me and trying to finish them while we're in Chicago.

And then I'm really going to start the smoke ring. *fingertwitch*

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