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25 October 2006 - 3:22 PM


Rambling today ...

Feeling slightly better about the bootie issue; I will feel better yet when I hear from Maman that she was able to successfully repair the hat. I have no doubt that she will, of course, but I will still be happier when I know it's done.

Tonight's activity will be knitting a second set of booties and trying to make progress on the mitts. It would be awfully nice to have the mitts done before the Chicago trip, but at this point it may be unreasonable to expect I will. Oh well, one can but try, right?

I am looking forward to the Chicago trip, partly because of the family stuff, but also partly because I like Chicago and haven't been in a while. Not since before Daddy died, I don't think.

Of course, part of why I like Chicago is happy memories of family things, so I guess it all goes back to that one way or another. Or at least it doesn't hurt.

I am hoping to get a visit to the Art Institute in. I wonder if there are any good yarn shops?

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