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12 September 2006 - 9:04 AM


Knit notes: One frivolous sock complete. I haven't cast on the second one yet but probably will tonight. The Viking has described to me the dragon skin pullover he would like, and it's going to be a ginormous sort of project.

WoW notes: Zul Gurub is infinitely more fun that Molten Core or any of the other 40-man instances (and I've at least poked a nose into all of the current 40-mans except Naxxramas. Molten Core? Boooooring. Blackwing Lair? Meh. Temple of Ahn Quiraj (AQ40)? How 'bout we just kill the short-respawn trash at the gates and grind Cenarion Hold rep instead?). Among the 20-man raids, most people I know like Ruins of Ahn Quiraj (AQ20), though I find it hard to get too excited. But ZG is fun. Last night I got suckered into being a fill-in mage with a gaggle of friends from a small raiding alliance and was reminded again how good ZG is. Got a shiny new cloak, gazed droolingly at a ring and some robes that dropped after I got the cloak, polymorphed, counterspelled, decursed and rained icy death from the heavens. Many trolls died. I have to remember to sign up and go with them more often.

Everything else: is pretty much the same. New brakes in the truck. Squiggled out some time to go to the beach for a few days at the end of the month. I keep meaning to do some sewing, but haven't gotten past the 'fabric, workbox and pattern in same place' phase yet.

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