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19 September 2006 - 10:46 AM


There's a saying floating around out there that if the dog's fat, you need more exercise.

Let it be known that Orion is a shade on the pudgy side.

I'm not so svelte as I could be, either.

We're working on this. We're not walking very fast, or very far, because we don't want to kill ourselves, but we're walking. It helps that Orion likes to go for walks.

I am trying to get into the habit now while the weather is largely pleasant so that by the time the weather ceases to be so pleasant, the dog will be trained to expect walks at certain times and will help motivate me to keep moving. Because sad brown eyes are excellent motivation, even when weather is working against me.

Speaking of motivation and lack thereof, I figured out why I wasn't getting into the groove with the sherbet baby blanket. Sugar & Cream isn't lightweight yarn, and knitting it with 2 strands together certainly didn't make it lighter. By the time I hit the halfway point (which I had done when I put it away in 2005) the thing was heavy, and I was working it on straight needles, so the weight was pretty much either on one side or the other. That was stressing my wrists, which hurt, so I didn't want to work on the silly thing.

What the heck's wrong with me that I don't notice that something's making me hurt for weeks?

Oh well. I switched to some Clover bamboo circulars and now the blanket is zipping along, which is good because it will likely be needed sooner than I think. I am not, in general a huge fan of circular needles (too many have terrible joins between needles and cable) but the Clover ones are nice and if they help me get this blanket done, who am I to complain?

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