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23 June 2006 - 2:23 PM

Idle Brain

Friday afternoons are the worst.

It's not just the 'I'd rather be home like every other right-thinking person' thing.

It's also the 'every other right-thinking person took the day off, so it's quiet and I'm bored and my brain starts planning projects without me' thing.

(Yesterday afternoon, I did not have this problem. Yesterday afternoon, my boss and I and two other people were running around like mad people trying to figure out when something had happened and why. It was a hair-pulling kind of afternoon, but not boring).

Last Friday, I sketched out the design for some knitted lace curtains. I doubt I will knit these curtains for myself (at the sizes they would need to be for my current windows, it would take ages, and probably make me insane). They would be lovely on, say, a door with simple square or rectangular lights in it. My front door does have lights, but those are leaded glass and have a funky curve at the top, and putting lace curtains over them would be silly. Perhaps I'll find an excuse to knit them at some point. I wrote everything down, so I have the details on paper if I need them.

This afternoon, my brain started planning out socks for me. The socks will be harder than the curtains: they need to be knee-length (personal preference + the fact I tend to wear long skirts + anything that stops people asking about my psoriasis is good by me), and I want to do a little frilled picot top to them, and use a very particular lace pattern. The calf shaping will be a bitch. I will actually have to get out a tape measure and the calculator to work out the stitch count changes, and probably graph paper to work out the patterning for the decreases.

On the other hand, once I've done this, nothing will stop me from knitting more socks from the same basic pattern, so perhaps it will be time well spent. The problem with most of the sock patterns out there is they are ankle or crew-sock length which is fine if you wear trousers all the time, but I don't, and that is probably why I don't make myself nearly enough socks. Clearly, the time to take action is now.

But the tape measure and calculator and graph paper are all at home, too.


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