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14 July 2005 - 9:51 AM

The days go marching one by one ...

The Great Restacking is on ... today we worker ants must finish packing our various items so that the movers can do their job tomorrow.

As always, there have been changes. From moving last October, we went to moving in March and then in May. It is now, for the record, July.

Spaces have been reassigned at least twice, too. I recall whining here that I was going to be trapped in an old server room with 3 other people for 6 months. Now I will be in a cube of my own, albeit a smaller one, 5 miles from the rest of the staff. I will, however, be able to see an actual window from my new seat.

In theory, we should be back in our renovated third floor space in six months time. I anticipate there will be changes in that schedule, too.

The other night, I dreamed I went to work clad only in a yellow towel. This may say something profound about my psychological state, or it may simply be a warning against coconut popsicles. (Edy's makes them in that flavour; I bought a box half out of curiosity and half because there'd been a run on popsicles at the local grocery and the only flavours left were coconut and lemonade).

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