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02 November 2004 - 1:47 PM

If it's Tuesday, I must be in the 15th Century

The numbers are not yet completely crunched, but from the initial reports it looks like Thegns and Thralls finished comfortably in the black. That's a huge relief, and I know Madame Seneschale will be pleased.

Now I'm back at my desk trying to sort out what the risk assessment for a proposed rule really says, or at least pretending to try. I am so glad I took yesterday off. I probably hiked up and down the hill at the site 20 times on Saturday checking in with the stuff in the hall and the stuff on the field, and yesterday I could really feel it in my legs. If I got a workout like that every week, a gym membership would be unnecessary.

Those of you on the various local SCA mailing lists have probably seen the announcement about the various Burgundian dress workshops which Lochmere is sponsoring this month. The one I'm hosting is designed to be more an opportunity to rummage around in Nora's books than a formal lecture. Phone or email if you have questions.

Speaking of Burgundian, I have to get back to work on the Viking's 15th-C set. He's getting 'the Comte de Foix's huntsman' rather than 'the Duc de Bourgogne's courtier' because frankly I don't think I could get him into Burgundian court gear even if I tried. Silly man doesn't want to wear 'tights,' even if they're made of linen and I call them chausses. But we went through the illuminations from one of the 15th-C manuscripts of the Livre de la Chasse and he was OK with the huntsmen's clothes.

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