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26 June 2004 - 7:19 PM


I'm way behind on garden news. But then I'm also way behind on gardening.

The moly bloomed last month and was very nice. The former Easter lily just finished blooming. The new oriental lilies have buds but aren't blooming yet. Two daylilies -- 'Catherine Woodbury' and 'Druid's Chant' -- have bloom stalks. The oakleaf hydrangea has one panicle of blooms and lots of new growth.

This is the time of year to score perennials on sale. Just this week I picked up a 'Helene Stein' lamb's ears, three 'Royal Wedding' oriental poppies, a Merton foxglove (Digitalis x mertonensis) and a yellow foxglove (D. grandiflora) all at 50% off, just by cruising through the local nurseries. The poppies were a particularly good deal, at $2/each. I skittered around this afternoon and got most of them planted. The lamb's ears still needs a home, but maybe tomorrow.

I need to pick up some barley straw, too. Usually the green water in the pond starts in April and clears up in May, but it's still quite obstinately opaque, so obviously measures need to be taken.

I start the new job on Monday. I'm excited and nervous and all the usual stuff, but I have a good feeling about this job. I hope I'm right.

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