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19 April 2004 - 5:28 PM

A Day in the Life of My Garden

So much going on in the garden ...

Tenby daffodils and 'Persian Pearl' tulips are officially done. 'Jenny' and 'Salome' are in their glory. 'Jenny' is a cyclamineus daffodil, which means that it has smaller flowers, borne in nodding clusters of two or three (or sometimes more). The perianth gradually reflexes back, giving the blossoms a shooting star effect. 'Jenny' opens soft bisque and fades to white in a couple of days. Those who prefer yellow daffodils might like 'Quail,' another cyclamineus.

'Salome,' my favourite daffodil, opens with a yellow trumpet and a bisque white perianth. Over the course of several days the trumpet turns pink, passing through a glorious shade of apricot on its way. Both she and 'Jenny' are as reliable as anything and put on ever better displays each year.

The Persian fritillary is also at peak. The artichoke-like shoot has unfolded into a leafy stalk, somewhat resembling a lily but with a more glaucus quality than usually seen in lilies. The blossoms are borne in tiers around the top of the stalk, and are deep purple.

Four of the six new oriental lilies have put up shoots. Several of the lady tulips and Allium moly 'Jeanine' are coming up as well. Of the two dozen chequered fritillaries, however, only one has appeared. Maybe the others will be along soon -- or maybe not.

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