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23 April 2004 - 10:19 AM

Morale on the Upswing

I took yesterday off and went to a job fair, and I must say it was one of the more affirming experiences of my life in the last few years. Not only did quite a few companies and agencies want my c.v., but in a couple of places, the recruiter's eyes actually lit up when I described my educational and work background. I'm still hoping good hopes about the interview from last week (no word yet on that front), especially since some of the leads are for jobs that require security clearances and we all know how long that takes, but I do have some good leads. So we'll see. If nothing else it was a morale-booster. There are actually people out there who want to hire people with my skills! I do not have to settle for working for the Stooges if I don't want to -- and I have reached the point of no longer wanting to.

In other news, the Viking and I adopted a new kitten this week. He's about nine months old, black with the barest brush of white on his chest. He's also bright, friendly, and brave though not fearless. We've named him Fergus. The other cats are not completely enthused but not actively hostile, and aside from a couple of too-exciting leaps from ground level to places four to five feet off the ground, he's started integrating into the house relatively smoothly.

So that's the report from Cape Despair. We're probably heading down to the war practice in Dun Carraig tomorrow.

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