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20 February 2004 - 10:22 AM

Expensive Lessons

Thanks to all who sent along good wishes to Artemis. For those following the saga, the cat is repaired. The vet had to open her up stem to stern to get the thread out, but she was off the IVs and eating and drinking on her own yesterday, much to everyone's surprise. There are no signs of peritonitis, much to everyone's relief. We'll be able to take her home this afternoon. She'll be on bed rest and pabulum for a few days, but the vet is planning to send the antibiotics in injectable form rather than pills, so that will be easier.

The Viking and I got to examine the piece of gut and the thread that was removed from her. Actually, I just got to see the thread -- the techs wouldn't show me the segment of intestine for fear I had a weak stomach. I assured them I'd be OK, but they didn't seem to believe me. According to the Viking, who saw the tissue, she was hours away from necrosis. The thread was the $5/spool GŁtermann polyester thread I use in the sewing machines. I'd been careful with the handsewing threads, the embroidery floss, the weaving and knitting yarns and the garden twine, but I'd never before had a cat go for the machine threads. Another lesson learned. An expensive lesson. But the rest of you cat-owning fibre jockeys, you learn from my mistake now, and don't do it yourselves.

I think we're going to have to call Ponte Alto a miss this weekend. I'll try to get back to coherent entries next week.

Today in Scottish history:

1437: King James I was murdered in a privy at the Blackfriars in Perth by a faction of Scottish nobles.

1472: Orkney and the Shetlands became part of Scotland when the king of Denmark-Norway defaulted on the dowry of his daughter, Princess Margaret, wife of James III.

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