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19 February 2004 - 11:06 AM

I Thought Roller Coasters Were Supposed to Be Fun

I have been up and down so many times in the last 48 hours that I feel like a demmed yo-yo.

Artemis is back in the ICU. Yesterday, after the Viking took her back to the vet, she spiked a fever. When I spoke to the vet, about noon, his attitude was 'waiting ain't working, so we're going in.'

90 minutes later, they'd extracted several yards of polyester sewing thread from her GI tract. It must have been there a while; it had actually started to perforate her intestines in places. They had to remove a 7-inch section of gut because they couldn't get the thread out of it.

90 minutes is a long time for a cat to be under anesthesia. Peritonitis is a very real danger. So is hepatic lipidosis, because she hasn't eaten since Saturday. What is in our favour is that Artie is young (18 months), and basically healthy, and bullheaded. I talked to the vet at 5, when she was out of surgery and in an incubator, and again at 8. At that point she was stable, so he was going to check her again near 10.

10 and 11 o'clock passed with no call, so she must still have been stable. The Viking went in this morning to talk to the vet and as of 5 minutes ago, says she's doing well and may be able to come home tomorrow. They saved the 7-inch segment of intestine for him to see.

OK, let's look at the good things that have happened recently. The Viking and I had a really good time at the Bright Hills event last Saturday. I pitched the bid for the October event to the baronial officers on Sunday and they accepted it, so I am one step closer on that score. And the class on egg paints is going to be really really fun. Five weeks on glair, and five more on tempera. Last night was the first night, so we haven't started painting yet, but the messiness will start next week with us actually grinding pigments and making paint.

Besides, how can a person be glum with news like this?

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