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28 November 2006 - 8:48 AM

Thanksgiving Report


Thanksgiving was good. There was turkey and venison and oysters, and smashed potatoes and biscuits and cranberry salsa. There was apple pie and pumpkin pie and cherry wine and lots of leftovers.

The Knitting or WoW? question was settled when I realised that my practice of knitting fair isle inside out meant that my mitten chart was coming out in mirror image. Not a problem for most of the design, but an issue for the lettering. I set it aside until I have the patience to pick out 5 rounds of fingering weight wool and reverse the chart.

WoW was frustrating too -- my guild has a bunch of new people who need to learn raiding skills, so there was a lot of dying. I am not used to coming out of Scholomance with a 5g repair bill (Saturday). Nor am I used to wiping on Drakkisath (Sunday). Mostly these people aren't dumb and they were doing better at the end than they were at the beginning but by the fifth wipe I start to lose steam. So after we called the UBRS raid (which ended in a useful lesson of the value of Divine Intervention and the importance of bloody well using it) I went and rolled a new priestie and smacked wolves around for a while. Much better.

And, that, really was about it for the Thanksgiving holiday. Now I'm back in the salt mines with short deadlines and people who are never happy.

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