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23 October 2006 - 11:00 AM

So good it hurts

In spite of the siren calls of various other things, including a skein of Zephyr and my pillows, I knocked out the booties to go with Shining Star. I used the extremely basic pattern from the Baby's First Ensemble set so they don't 'match' the hat except in the very broad way of having been knit from the same yarn, but probably no one's going to see them anyway. Boots and hat are washed and ready to be delivered to Sis this afternoon.

The hat looks enormous (is it as big as baby Shedir? Bigger? I fret). The booties looked too small before washing but seem more normal now. I'm still worried that the cast-off edges (at the bottom of the hat and the top of the booties) are too tight. However, if the hat's as too big as I'm afraid it is (fret fret) it won't matter (much) and if the boots really are a problem, then I still have about half a ball of the yarn and I can redo them on the fly.

I am far too good at worrying.

Meanstwhile I have been appallingly virtuous about starting new things. I've only (only!) picked up a half-finished project from last winter, which was the 2-needle fingerless mitts from KnitPicks, in the now extinct KnitPicks Sock Landscape (though I see the colourway I chose, Rocky Mountain Dusk, lives on in Memories). Somehow I made one mitt last winter and then didn't make the second one, though it's a quick and easy knit. I have no idea how it got lost in the shuffle, but there you are.

Factoring in all the givens, I'll probably have the mitts done by this weekend, which will mean I'll have them to take to Chicago for the after-the-fact celebration of a cousin's wedding this weekend. Said cousin married in August, but lives and works in the Bahamas, so most of the family wasn't able to come. He and his new wife are making up for this with a shindig back home this weekend. It should be great fun but I don't anticipate Chicago being very warm (the forecast for the weekend calls for highs in the mid-forties, lows in the mid-thirties, rain, wind, and possibly snow showers) so woolly mitts to bridge the gap between glove and sleeve will be good to have.

See? Being all virtuous and finishing older projects first. What a good girl am I.

Bleah. I want to start the smoke ring. Badly.

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