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16 October 2006 - 9:09 AM

Twitchy Fingers

Blah, Monday again. Why must weekends be so short?

At least the weekend was pleasant. There was a lot of WoW, there was a fair amount of napping, there was good Sunday morning coffee with the Viking, there was a determined knitterly push to finish the Viking's Pop-up Paws in time for this winter. The push was successful. which is good on all kinds of fronts, from the 'yay, I finished something' to the 'now we don't have to visit every store in town trying to find gloves that will fit him.'

This leaves, as works-in-progress:

Booties to go with Shining Star (not cast on, because pattern not selected)

Sherbet blankie (now aquiring a mythic quality as the blanket which will not end because the yarn refuses to run out)

Frivolous socks (second sock still not cast on)

Calla (3 inches long due to woefully desultory knit habits on my part, as well as blankies, caps, paws, and other more pressing matters). I'm working it in Elann Sonata (100% cotton) in 'Pink Pearl.' Looks great so far, just needs more knitting done.

Dragonskin swatchcap (stalled while I figure out the decreases)

Now, if I were truly a knitter of good work ethic, I'd finish at least the first three things on that list before starting anything else. But I'm staring at my copy of the Heartstrings Flared Lace Smoke Ring and a skein of Zephyr in my stash and getting twitchy fingers. I think I even have a circular needle the right size.

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