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12 October 2006 - 9:37 AM


Two fire alarms (one from burned popcorn, one from an overheated server), two hour 'town hall meeting' with our new Undersecretary and said Undersecretary's expressed interest in meeting our staff personally during a building tour?

Ugh. Pass, please. I have enough to do without having to run up and down the stairs repeatedly, smile politely at another 'everything I need to know I learned on the farm' talk, and try to turn my cube into a model workspace for the benefit of a guy who doesn't even work in this building.


Going home to a box from Yarnmarket with the yarn for le petit's christening cap? Yes, please.

Fact that said yarn is eat-it-with-a-spoon yummy? Oh yes.

Additional fact that the the pattern works up fast fast fast, and by the end of the new Ghosthunters episode last night the cap was half done? Oh hell yes.

It took a couple tries to get the hat going. I didn't have any size 7 dps, so I'd ordered the Crystal Palace bamboo ones from Yarn Market. They are highly polished in a 'wow, the roads aren't this slick after an ice storm' kind of way. Now the RYC Cashsoft DK is not a slippery yarn, but since the pattern calls for casting on 5 stitches and increasing out from there (and working on 6 needles, so that each point of the 5 pointed star has its own needle) AND for a bit you have to do yarnovers before you knit a stitch (i.e., the section starts 'yo, k1, etc.') it made for kind of a rocky start. Even after I'd got it under control, the first several rounds looked more like a knot-tying project from Scouts than a piece of knitting.

In short, I prefer the Clover bamboo needles or the Brittany birches which are somewhat more toothsome of texture to the glass-like Crystal Palace bamboo needles. And I really wouldn't want to knit anything slippery (like a silk yarn) on the Crystal Palace needles. That way lies madness.

Photo of half-done cap to be added later; I took a picture last night and went back to the computer to find the Viking was already logging in to Warcraft, so it didn't get off the camera.

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