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06 October 2006 - 9:40 AM

And a hat released to its natural habitat

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Lime Shedir is a bit too big for him, but nowhere near as too-big as the crocheted cap that the birth centre gave him. He can wear it now, he will grow into it, and given how stre-e-etchy the cap is, he will be able to wear it for some time to come.

Possible blog move update: The blogger address is: The title is lame, the artwork is a placeholder, and I haven't yet figured out how to re-code the basic template to get rid of that weird brown foulard background. (I don't mind the brown, so much, but the pattern bothers me. I probably have to come up with a different piece of graphic to code in, but somehow I haven't had time to work on that). The links to other blogs are being managed via blogrolling. If you think I left you off the friends list in error (did you used to be on diaryland and then moved to LJ?) let me know your new address and I'll add you on. The knitting blog list just happens to be people I read, not anyone I know, but keeping the list on blogrolling is actually somewhat easier than having a folder in my browser bookmarks.

And gah, so much to do. The blanket needs finishing. The swatchcap needs finishing (though I still haven't exactly worked out how to make clever, elegant, non-pattern destroying decreases, so maybe I can get away with not working on that until I do. Though the Viking wants his hat. It is a dilemma). The last little bit of the Viking's Paws and my second frivolous sock need finishing. Yesterday, clearly high on new-baby fumes, I promised my sister a cap and booties for the boy's christening, which will be 5 November.

I may just do another baby Shedir, in white Baby Ull. It's handsome, I know it will (mostly) fit, I have the pattern figured out, there's a chance I'll get that done in time.

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