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05 September 2006 - 10:50 AM

Back among the living

OK, ok, I'm ready to be healthy again. If I ever had a Camille fantasy (I don't think I did) it is well and truly beaten out of me now.

The migraine, as mentioned, knocked me on my arse harder than anything short of a full-blown flu. If I've ever failed to be sufficiently sympathetic to migraine sufferers, please accept my profoundest apologies. I will know better in the future.

That was followed almost immediately by one of the nastier head colds it's ever been my misfortune to catch. My lovely husband brought it home from work last week, so I spent my Labor Day weekend in bed, trying to ride out the fever. That broke on Sunday evening and I was mostly myself again yesterday, though I am still barking like a seal.

I did see a doctor and there's apparently nothing wrong with me that unstressing and getting more exercise wouldn't cure. Still, I feel like I lost the last half of August to being unwell and I don't like it, not one bit.

Before the cold really hit me, I did spend some time with Maman working on the storage unit full of Grandmaman's remaining goods. Much of this stuff had been in storage since she moved out of the house to the retirement home about ten years ago, so there were some *cough* interesting surprises.

Some of which were good, like the almost-pristine Columbia book of 'knitting for the troops' patterns of World War II vintage.

Some of which were not so good, like the box full of leftover scraps-too-small-to-be-saved from various outfits she'd had made over the years. I know there's thrift, and I know there's keeping a bit of extra in case you need to do repairs, but this truly was ridiculous. And no, she doesn't get the 'but ... crazy quilt' pass. Just crazy. This was not quilt-worthy in any way. Synthetic fabrics do not age well.

Vast quantities of stuff were sent off to the dump. Some of the potentially useable items went to the donation centre at the Goodwill across the street. Two large boxes of old bath towels were packaged to go to a friend of Maman's who runs a golden retriever rescue in West Virginia.

It's not all done yet, but it's much reduced and we were able to move what remains into a smaller (cheaper) storage unit, which pleased Maman.

Now, if I can only make sense out of the steaming pile which accumulated on my desk while I was down for the count.

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