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07 August 2006 - 12:47 PM

Dishwasher, Take Two

A miracle occurred.

The installation of the dishwasher went off without a hitch. The designated contractor arrived, at the time he said he would, removed the old machine, installed the new one, saw that it worked, filled out his paperwork and left with so little fuss and bother that I could hardly believe it.

The Viking had removed precisely the right number of floor tiles. If the plumbing was not up to code, nothing was said about it.

I am surprised and relieved by all of this. I ran two loads of dishes Saturday and feel less of a slob already. Lovely shiny dishes! Lovely, lovely dishwasher with a pump that works!

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to turning the heel on Frivolous Sock #1 and working through the gusset decreases. This is going quickish, so I may actually get both socks done before I lose interest.

Though that too would be a miracle and might be asking too much. Must knit faster.

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