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31 July 2006 - 3:32 PM


What do you do when you've got too many projects in progress already and even more in the planning stages, and anyway it's hotter than hell and you can feel the life melting right out of you?

If you're me, why then it's clearly time to cast on something completely different.

Well, all right, if I wanted to be fair to myself (why would I want to do that?) I could point out that the completely different project (socks) is going to provide me an opportunity to test-drive some Elann Esprit and take gauge with an eye to the Grand Sock Project.

I could do that.

But mostly I cast on the socks because I wanted escape from the looming pile of I-hate-this-right-now projects. Escapism? Hell yes. Especially when the escapism is partly to do with believing it might one day be cool enough again to wear socks and partly to do with yarn which is not so heavy or woolly that I can't stand to knit with it in this heat.

Plus there's the frivolous factor, which is an antidote to various Serious Grown-Up Activities, like buying a car, or buying a new dishwasher (the latter to be delivered and installed on Thursday. Huzzah.)

I confess I'm not overfond of being a serious grown-up at most times, and ever less so in the summer. I'm not going to say anything twee about childhood, because frankly I didn't enjoy that all that much, either, but still. I'd rather spend my summer days lounging someplace cool and shady and not trying to do my huswifely best to keep it all together.

Oh well. At least I can make frivolous socks.

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