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28 July 2006 - 1:11 PM

Son of Ugly Yarn

Between my unending sinus issues this summer (will I ever breathe freely again?) and the heat I felt like 6 kinds of hell last night. By "six kinds of hell" I mean I felt terrible in a 'no thank you honey I'll get a plate later is there lemonade? nibble a handful of corn chips maybe I'll just go to bed' kind of way.

I tried a couple more rows on the Dragon Skin swatch, decided the yarn was really too fine for the needles after all, ripped it out, wound the yarn back around the cone, and glowered at it for a while.

The yarn seemed a darker olive-mud-grey than I remembered, though that might have just been the light (or lack thereof) in the bedroom. I love the yarn. I hate the colour. It would make a wonderful Flower Basket Shawl, were it not the colour of cheap tinned olives stomped to mush. In a mud puddle.

I cannot express to you how much I hate the colour of this yarn.

Staring at the Dharma procion colour charts, it seems clearer today that my overdye options are really (1) dark green (2) dark brown and (3) black.

Greatly though I love greens, I cannot bring myself to love the idea of overdying in green.

Brown is largely unwearable.

Black still seems like a cop out.

Also, the good people at Dharma suggest that the procions are not a good way to make silk black. What happens? Does the silk simply pick up some undertone in the shade of black? (#300, New Black, for example, they say has a blue cast and the edges show up blue/pink in tie-dye). Now, my yarn is approx 80% cotton and only 20% silk, but I think the white slubby bits in it are the 20% silk, so they'd probably tend to show up, whatever colour they turned out to be.

If they turned out blue/pink against mostly blackish yarn, that could be OK. Maybe not Flower Basket Shawl material, but probably OK. I could probably work with it.

I think I need to call Dharma Trading and talk to a real person.

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