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24 July 2006 - 2:01 PM

Textbook Example

The Monday-ness of it all is overpowering.

It's Monday in a 'the dishwasher is leaking, why yes we would like to close the deal on this car by the end of the week, you want this draft when?' textbook example of Monday kind of way

With a side of 'why isn't this done yet?' coming from the man who's been sitting on several things I need for the last two months. Fuss at me about my turn-around rate when yours is better, Mr Consistency.


Short deadlines are short deadlines. Nothing fun about those, ever.

The replacing-the-Tercel campaign received a shot in the wallet in the form of an inheritance from Grandmaman and we have (after some searching) tracked down a well-maintained little Toyota Echo. Clean Carfax report, 1 prior owner, clean as clean can be, already passed its state inspection, the price is right. Also, 37 mpg highway, baby. So far we have not been subjected to outrageous bothers, but the process is nuisance-ridden enough to provide some aggravation.

Once the car thing gets settled there will be the replacing-the-dishwasher campaign, which will, I hope, be less labour intensive for us, and will probably be paid for out of the leftovers from the same inheritance that pays for the car. It amuses me, in a black way, that Grandmaman, who would never have bought a dishwasher, much less a car, for me while alive, is paying for such now.

And of course in the midst of this we also managed to miss the Stierbach birthday event and various grand happenings there, which vexed me.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better. At least it won't be Monday.

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