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20 July 2006 - 10:47 AM

Too Too


It's too damn hot.

I'm too damn tired.

Up too late, awake too early, too-long commute, too damn busy, too damn much.


The dress was finished on time, and fits and is cute. I need to shorten the shoulder straps a bit, but all things considered, it worked.

Baby lime Shedir is also finished. It also is cute, though as my nephew is not yet done gestating it's hard to tell if it will fit. I am not worried.

Next project will be to pull the unfinished baby blanket which I put away last August back out of the closet and finish it. It's about half done and is a simple pattern (stripes of stocking and seed stitch, with a seed stitch border) so it shouldn't take much effort to finish. As it's being worked on giganto size 9 (US) aluminum needles, however, I don't think it will become my next at-work project.

If the temperature ever gets down sufficiently that it's safe for me to work in the garden, I need to move a couple of my daylilies. 'Druid's Chant' is not getting enough sun, and 'Preppy Pink' needs dividing.

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