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14 June 2006 - 10:58 AM

Maybe I should just change my name to Bob

In the realm of the vaguely aggravating, my mother is trying to change my name for me.

Well, not really, which is why it's only vaguely aggravating. But when she (kindly, generously) booked flights for the lot of us (Sis, Engineer, Viking, her own and my respective selves) to fly out to a cousin's wedding next month, she booked my ticket for 'Nora Munro-Viking' rather than 'Nora Munro.'

Then she emailed me and said, 'oh, you have photo ID with your married name, right?'

'What married name?' said I. 'I never changed my name.'

Which is true. I never changed my name. I didn't get married until I was 30, I had all my advanced degrees under my maiden name, I wanted to keep my name, and the Viking not only was fine with me not changing my name to his, but he actually encouraged me to keep it. Maman knew all that; we'd discussed it in depth at the time the Viking and I got married. So, no problem, right?

*deep sigh*

I' truth, I probably should have seen this sort of thing coming when she gave me some personalised stationery last year which had 'Munro-Viking' on it but ... it was just stationery, it was a gift, I didn't want to hurt her feelings by making a fuss. So now, in addition to everything else I have to remember to bring (or not bring) to the airport when we go to the wedding, I have to remember to bring a copy of my marriage licence, because if my ticket says "Munro-Viking" and my driver's licence says "Munro" the airport people won't let me on the plane.

*deep sigh*

In other news, pocket panthers absolutely, positively, under any circumstances, will not pose for photographs.
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Nope. Not at all. Never. It would be undignified.

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