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12 June 2006 - 9:06 AM

One Finished Thing

After all the setbacks at work last week, I headed home for the weekend with a vague, but firm, idea that I needed to finish something, anything, over the weekend, for the sake of my sanity.

And so it is that I now have a Somewhat Melancholy Fair Isle Cap, without Gloves:

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This is the Weldon's 'Gay Fair Isle Cap with Gloves' from the V&A's site, gothed up a bit. Knitted in the round in Knitpicks Palette in Ash, Black, Hyacinth, and Purple on Brittany Birch 3.25mm doublepoints. Displayed above on a overturned Rubbermaid food storage container, an elegant hatstand if there ever was one. In that picture, the colour is about right. The other pictures I took came out a bit bluer, for some reason.

When I started knitting I suspected the finished product would require some artifice to stay on, but it actually perches quite nicely, Juliet cap-style, on the back of my head, with very little fuss.

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It probably did help that I clipped my hair back. That picture also shows the shaping of the crown fairly well. For the record, taking a picture of the back of your own head is not so easy.

I have loads of the yarn left. I could do the gloves, but ... ugh. Stripy fingers. Maybe mitts instead. Or socks. Or I could just put it away and think about it later.

Probably better to think about it later. I still have other things to finish. 2 rows a night ...

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