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04 May 2006 - 9:13 AM

I just hate timed quests ...

Want fun? Here's fun.

The Office of Management and Budget reviews proposed regulations which have been designated as significant on a 90-day cycle. (The OMB also gets to decide which regulations are significant). During that 90-day cycle, it may request changes in the docket. Everything must be done within the 90-day window, or OMB returns the docket uncleared, and it has to be resubmitted to another 90-day cycle.

The real fun comes when, sometime in the afternoon of Day 88 of that 90-day cycle, your OMB desk officer emails a list of comments on a significant docket which must be addressed before the docket can clear.

So guess who's been working late a lot this week?


More fun that the above, especially if you have ever played an rpg: The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches. It says Console in the page title, but it works for PC/MMO games as well.

Even more fun: Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend. I'm going Sunday with Maman. Wave if you see me.

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