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17 February 2006 - 12:53 PM

Various Ramblings

Thanks greatly for the chocolate cake recipes. I'll be trying them out.

I am overdue in reporting the splendour of my sassanqua camellia this winter. It started blooming around Thanksgiving and has been providing a fresh bloom or two every week since. Once spring comes I will prune it back gently and feed it well. Next winter when they're back in the local nurseries I may get it a friend or two.

I am equally overdue in reporting the splendour of my potted Meyer lemon this winter. I remembered to feed it and it has rewarded me by blooming pretty much straight on since early December. I don't anticipate getting any actual lemons from it this year (it's still quite small) but beautiful waxy white lemon blossoms are adequate reason to keep a pet lemon tree.

I should get the lemon tree a prettier pot, or at least a prettier cachepot. It's in a 1-gallon black plastic nursery pot (an upgrade from the smaller pot it was in when I bought it, I hasten to add) which is effective and inoffensive, but not exactly a worthy vessel for the tree.

Maeve has been 'pruning' the jade plant for me. I am not sure what her fetish with the poor thing is but she has snapped off quite a lot of it. I am not greatly worried as warm weather will come eventually and it will go back out to the deck, where it will grow back, probably with redoubled vigour.

The Firefly crocuses started last week in the front bed. Now that the snow has melted they are looking fine and chipper. If it ever dries out enough for me to do something about the leaves that are still all over the yard, I might see signs of the other crocuses coming up.

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