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08 February 2006 - 1:13 PM

Food Peeve, continued

Still working on the cake issue from yesterday. Bastards. I will solve this, or go mad trying.

Actually I'm already mad. I must be mad or I wouldn't be snarling at Food TV's recipe search looking for a cake that matches the picture.

Meanstwhile I will note that people seem to have a fixation with oozing, gooey, molten chocolate cakes. I'm going to arbitrarily refuse to make any for at least 6 months. Not that I make that many cakes anyway, but it's the principle of it.

I'll also note that no matter how delightful the result, 'Chockablock Chocolate Cakes with Warm Macadamia Nut Goo' really don't sound appealing. I think it's the goo thing.

What is it with goo anyway? Now, don't get me wrong, I love soft custardy sorts of desserts, I love warm caramel and mousse, and I do greatly love me some sticky toffee puddings, but come on, people. Is there something wrong with a cake being toothsome? Why do cakes have to be gooey, filled with something gooey, or covered with something gooey? Have I missed something? Is the greater infantilisation of the American public being reflected in a fondness for oversweet 'cakes' which barely require chewing?

Meh. Don't mind me. These are just the ramblings of a crackpot looking for a decent chocolate cake recipe. Not too dense, not too spongy, not mousse-filled, not the molten result of masterful timing, not something I have to enrobe with a ganache, not something I need schooling as a pâtissier to complete. Not even necessarily anything too sweet -- just a bit of a something to serve with a dab of whipped cream and some strawberries.

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