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03 January 2006 - 10:51 AM

That was that year that was

2005 in review:

January: Much as I hate having a cold, I hate my husband having a cold more.

February: My veterinarian just died.

March: I hate you all.

April: It's nice to finish projects. Especially ones you've been working on for three years.

May: I'm going to run away and join a circus. Ideally one somewhere in eastern Europe where no one can find me.

June: I don't write enough. I also don't knit enough. What am I spending my time on, anyway?

July: I hate food snobs. I still wish I had time to cook.

August: Dammit, you're not supposed to have to bury babies.

September: And now I am without my pretty princess with the velvet paws. I miss her.

October: Kittens keep you up all night. I need more tea. I don't knit enough.

November: Grandmaman has shuffled off this mortal coil. Anticipate avuncular histrionics. Film at eleven.

December: Bake much. Revise husband's c.v. for his re-entry into the job market. Merry freakin' Christmas.

New Year's Resolution: to get that giant cosmic 'kick me' sign off my lily-white backside. Wish me luck.

The Viking and I spent New Year's Eve with the lovely and talented Strawberry Karen and the surly guy and it was fabulous. Here's another resolution: spend more time with friends.

We're not going to be at 12th Night because, well, see above, especially November and December. Them's of you what are going, try to have enough fun for us, too.

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