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05 December 2005 - 9:46 AM

Yet another large object to dust ...

Grandmaman's funeral was this weekend. It was something of an ordeal, but the Avuncular One actually apologised to Maman for being a jackass, so that was something. He still has not apologised to Sis and me for calling us spawn (what, me, hold a grudge? Never!) but then we didn't really expect that. After the funeral we dedicated ourselves to distributing the last of Grandmaman's possessions in the name of clearing her room at the home.

I really didn't want more furniture.


But I'm getting it anyway.

I knew that Grandmaman's dressing table was going to land in my lap eventually. It is in fact quite a nice piece of furniture, though clearly designed for a home with a large boudoir, and not for modestly-sized split-levels like the one I inhabit.

I wasn't expecting to get her bureau, though. That's another big piece of furniture, and I had to do considerable lifting, dragging, pushing, and tugging to open up space for that this weekend.

The Viking was mildly furious at the prospect of more furniture. 'Where the hell are we going to put it?' he wanted to know.

Sweetheart, go downstairs and play World of Warcraft. I will figure out a way to make this work.

And so I pulled and shoved and measured and squeezed, and dusted and threw out and pushed and measured again.

Oh look, a herd of dust mastodons. Perhaps I'll vacuum, too.

By 11:30 last night, space was made. Maman has hired movers and they will be bringing the furniture to the house today.

I hope that I measured right, or at least that the fabric of space will warp sufficiently to accomodate these things. Because I don't want to hear about it if they don't fit.

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