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24 October 2005 - 12:15 PM

Sleepy and with too much to do

I am always supposed to attend to things when I have the least time and motivation to do them.

I have another load of bulbs sitting in my front hall. I kept it down to a dull roar this year, comparatively speaking. I got a new wildflower tulip, T. biflora and some daffodils, Passionale, which I've been hunting for a few years now, plus Avalon and Loth Lorien.

Not that bad, really, but that's still a few dozen holes to be dug. I am resolutely staying away from Homestead and the other local places where I might be seduced by tulips.

I ordered a few seed packets from Thompson & Morgan as well. Really, nothing big, some Cedric Morris poppies and a couple of verbascums. Total of 4 packets I wanted. That was all, I swear.

They sent me a dozen additional 'free gifts.' More poppies. Different verbascums. Foxglove. Monkshood. Two kinds of larkspur -- including one described as 'the best red larkspur' which rather begs the question, 'who wants red larkspur?' but I digress. Showy evening primrose. Sweet peas. Cherry tomatoes (cherry tomatoes?). Several things where I'm not even sure what they are.

Bother. I'll just scrape up the surfaces of some of the beds and direct sow. What grows will grow and what doesn't, doesn't. Anything I decide I don't like can be ripped out if I feel that strongly about it. I'll probably leave out the things I can't immediately identify and the red larkspur.

Need to get knitting more seriously, too. For one thing I promised the Viking some Pop-up Paws (though for some reason I cannot find my 3.25 mm doublepoints, which I find vexing) and for another I have too many unstarted or unfinished projects and I should really do something about those.

Speaking of unstarted projects, there are some candidates at the V&A's knitting site. I am especially and inexplicably taken with the Fair Isle cap and gloves pattern on the 1940s patterns page. I'm half tempted to try the cap out in an updated (i.e., more goth and thus more 'me') colour scheme. I'm not sure about the gloves ... those stripy fingers make my eyes hurt.

I'm also mightily amused by the knit lion and tiger toy patterns and the fishnet stockings pattern. Not sure I'd ever get around to knitting them, but they're fun period pieces.

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