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11 October 2005 - 1:03 PM

Yeah, but who wants to be virtuous?

Bah. Stuck at work when I'd rather be home in bed.

It's the getting up before dawn thing. That happened this morning; the alarm went off as usual but the sun hadn't come up yet, inconsiderate ball of gas that it is.

We bailed on Crusades, like nearly everyone else I've heard from. Shockingly, our primary reason for going would have been the fighting, and the Viking didn't figure that fighting in the downpour would be a good time. From the sounds of it, no one else thought so, either.

So we stayed home and did exciting things like laundry and dishes and errands. We visited the shelter in search of a new kitty and think we found one, but the local SPCA is painfully slow about reviewing and approving applications to adopt (unlike the rescues that operate out of the local PetSmart, where they are more than happy to send you on the road with your new pet. None of the kitties at PetSmart were the right kitty, however). So now we wait for them to contact our vet and verify our address and all that other stuff, but blast them, we're not patient people and we want our kitty now dammit.

And that is all I'm going to say about that until we find out if we're approved or not. I can't imagine they wouldn't approve us, but my imagination has failed me before.

I hate waiting.

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