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08 September 2005 - 2:43 PM


We're going to be at the beach next week. It'll be our first real vacation in two years (longer if you discount Pennsic trips) -- real meaning a 'more than a long weekend, actually taking off work, spending more than two nights in a hotel' vacation

I hadn't thought much about it until we booked the hotel, but damn, I need a week at the beach.

The Viking is behaving much like a (well-behaved) little kid, counting off the days. Every night, he says 'You know, it's only X days until our vacation.'

He's making mental lists of things he wants us to do while we're gone, too.

Me, I need my annual dunk in the ocean to keep me from getting weird(er). Also, swimming in the ocean for a few days in a row helps my psoriasis, sometimes for months at a time. That's not a bad thing, either.

We should be coming out of summer hibernation (estivation?) in time for Crusades.

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