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11 May 2005 - 1:25 PM


Somehow, I have convinced my employers that I am a good and valuable employee and they not only want to keep me, but they also want to pay me more money. (Hurrah for good midyear reviews and GS grade promotions).

Somehow, I got through Crown Tourney without suffering coronary failure or murdering anyone. I will be better next time, I promise.

(Your Grace, that little pep talk you gave the Viking meant a lot to him).

Somehow, I went to the Sheep and Wool Festival on Sunday and didn't run into hordes of SCA folk. I didn't even see hordes of SCA folk. I did chat briefly with Aelfwynn, but that was it.

Somehow, I went through S&WF without spending a lot of money. I picked up a Fiber Trends pattern for a shawl (I like shawls); a kit for 'Pop-up Paws' (those mittens on which the tops fold back to allow use of fingers) to knit for the Viking, whose own paws are substantial and don't fit comfortably into commercially made gloves; and a lovely shallow earthenware bowl with sheep drawn into the dark green glaze.

Somehow, I have gotten on the Williams-Sonoma emailing list. They have sent me a recipe for a 'Goat Cheese Puff' which looks like a perfectly nice soufflé recipe masquerading as a ploy to sell a $262 sauteuse pan.

And somehow, I've started writing poetry again. I haven't attempted serious verse since my second year as an undergraduate, when I was required to take a course called 'Techniques of Writing Verse' as taught by a strange and difficult old sister (for those of you familiar with my alma mater, no, it's probably not the sister you're thinking of). That semester was enough to put me off poetry for ... what, 14 years? Something like that. And yet I managed a whole Petrarchan sonnet a couple of weeks ago, as well as the sestet of another (having troubles with the rhymes for the octave in the second one, but I remain serenely confident that it will all be right in the end). I have no idea what provoked this little outburst, but there it is.

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