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20 April 2005 - 1:30 PM

Tulips and Other Things

'Persian Pearl' tulips are nearly done, but 'Blueberry Ripple' is coming on strong. A couple of pink Darwins are out as well, and the 'Queen of the Night' and 'Menton' mix should be putting on a show by this weekend or early next week. It also looks like I might get a few repeats out of 'Angelique' and 'Mata Hari' from two years ago.

'Bell Song' daffodils have started and are quite cute -- sort of like 'Salome's' little sister.

Dicentra eximia is starting to bloom. Dicentra spectabilis alba is up, but there are no signs of Dicentra spectabilis. I am a little puzzled by this, as it was fine last year. The Persian fritillary also has not appeared. Perhaps the moles got it.

However, two of the checkered fritillaries I put in year before last, and which did not even appear last spring, are up and blooming, or at least going to bloom. One is clearly the dusky purple form. The other may be the white; I'm not sure yet.

Still hating the gambeson.

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