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27 January 2005 - 9:41 AM

Disjointed Mutterings

I am not going to do the quizlet thing making the rounds. I've had too little in the way of original things to say as it is.

The Viking has come down with the cold/flu thing that has been going around the home. I am sucking on the zinc lozenges like they're candy. I have a feeling that I will still lose the battle.

Is it really true that all men turn into sad little babies when they're ill, or just true of the men in my life?

In her book The New Kitchen Garden Anna Pavord remarks that the sole purpose of leeks is to give comfort on rainy days when the buses run late and your children are more than usually intractable. I'm hoping they work on cold days when the koi pond is frozen and your husband is barking like a seal, too. I started a big batch of cock-a-leekie soup last night in the hopes that they will.

I am going to try to drag my lazy arse to the Lochmere event on Saturday, if only for a few hours. Himself has to work (in spite of cold/flu thing) so he won't be there.

I've been listening to Eels' Beautiful Freak album a lot lately. I'm tempted to declare 'Novocaine for the Soul' as my current theme song.

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