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05 January 2005 - 1:49 PM

Crying the Camp

Well, let's start with the big announcement: my sister is pregnant.

She and the Engineer actually announced this to the family at Christmas, but asked us all to keep our yaps shut until they'd heard a heartbeat. The heartbeat was heard on Monday. I am going to assume that Maman has not reached everyone's neighbourhood with her skywriter yet, but that may be an error. The baby is due in July. I'd better start knitting now.

The second announcement is slightly less seismic, but still pretty cool -- some of my weaving is going to be set dressing in a TV show set in fifteenth-century Rome. The set dresser found my Perugia towels over the internet and we've made an arrangement for the production to rent a couple of them. I was actually originally approached about weaving some specifically for the production, but the timetable was a little short for that. The show is a Canadian production, so I don't know if, much less when, it would get airtime in the US. I am, however, going to get actual money for the use of my towels (not a huge sum, but something I can put toward the new loom I want) and the set dresser has promised to send me a promo package for the show as well. Should be fun, and don't worry, I'll still talk to you all at events.

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