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08 December 2004 - 11:19 AM


Thanks to yesterday's comments, I now have a mental picture of my tree suspended from the ceiling, with Fergus madly swinging from the lower branches.

This is the best cat toy EVER, Momma!

And that is what would happen. He can leap about 4-5 feet from a standing position, and given a little space to get a running start and something to use as a launchpad (e.g., a chair) heights of 8-10 feet are not beyond his reach. Hanging the tree from a hook in the ceiling would not really pose much of a challenge to him.

The tree hasn't taken a tumble in the last day or so, though, so maybe if I start cautiously, with the less breakable ornaments on the lower branches, and then give that a day or two to see how it goes.

As for weighting the base down (another suggestion), I do have a stray cinderblock available ... that might be heavy enough. Might be.

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