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06 December 2004 - 2:00 PM

Before I sputter out

I have been trying to read one comment on a proposed rule (two pages, single spaced, with multiple issues raised) for the last hour. It's soul-numbing. Which is probably for the best, given the tone of the comment. A little spiritual Novocaine helps dull the slings and arrows, because the commenter makes sure in every line to be clear that not only are we bad, mean, unfair people here at my agency, but we're also ignorant goombahs. Good grief. What's next, stomping your tiny little feet and holding your breath until you turn blue?

Maman inadvertently settled the Hamamelis debate by taking me out on Saturday and buying me a camellia for my Christmas present. It's a sasanqua hybrid called 'Snow Flurry' and has lovely soft white fluffy blossoms. It should reach about 6 feet in height, and the very best place in the yard for it is the spot I was contemplating for a witch hazel. So that is where I planted it, and if I'm still obsessing about witch hazels come spring, I can probably find another good spot for one of those.

Sunday I spent way too much time playing World of Warcraft online. It ate my brain. But in a good way.

Update for Guenievre: I'm playing a Night Elf hunter on the Earthen Ring; I've made it as far as Darnassus. Where are you playing?

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