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23 November 2004 - 3:49 PM

I know I had some matches somewhere

Not much today. I am tired. The full-spectrum bulbs are being outpaced by the seasonal fu. Grieving isn't helping, either, but I know that a lot of what's wrong with me is simply that we are in the ebb tide of the year. I don't even get to see the sunset now; I'm two rows of cubes in from the nearest window, and the sun's gone by the time I leave the building.

Uff, listen to me. I'll be fine, I always am. The sun will come back. There are miscellaneous small causes for cheerfulness about. Let's see if I can light a few candles here ...

I have a new set of hairsticks. They have realistic bats cast in some silvery metal on the tops. I love them.

The Viking brought home a copy of Sims 2. What glorious opportunities for mayhem abound there. I can guide the lives of my Sims like a capricious if mostly benevolent minor deity, and when I have had enough for the time being, I can put them away without any twinges of conscience.

Thanksgiving will be just Maman, the Viking, and I, so there will be no fu. I am all about fu-free holidays. It's too bad that Sis and the Engineer won't be there, but this is their year to visit points north. I hope they have a fu-free time as well.

I do not have to work on Friday.

Friday night, after the Viking gets home from work, we are going to pack up ourselves and the dog and run away to the beach for the weekend. Two days seaside in November is not as good as a fortnight in August, but it's significantly better than no beach at all. Besides, in November you can take long walks on the beach without tripping over thousands of sunbathers. I found a hotel that takes pets. There is talk of possibly doing some surf fishing, but we'll see.

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