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25 October 2004 - 10:39 AM

What? No Catastrophes?

I can report that this weekend was a whole lot better than the last one. Buttercup's repaired. There were no other disasters. I even had a little fun.

Saturday Maman and I drove out to Thurmont in search of mountain air and mountain-grown apples. We found both, though apparently this was not a good year for Cortlands (Maman's favourite apple) and she was a little pouty about that. But it was the first time in a week that we'd seen sunlight, and the foliage was, if not quite peak, then certainly very good.

Yesterday it rained again, so it seemed like a bad idea to hook up the bulb auger -- something about water and electricity not mixing well.

Instead I went to work on a Halloween costume and I got a lot done. The only things left to do are insert the sleeves and hem the skirts, so it will not only be done in time for Halloween, but also without interfering with the event stuff. And it was fun to sew something without obsessing over the period aspects of the cut or feeling guilty for using the sewing machine. The costume involves machine-embroidered and printed fabrics, puffed sleeves and ruffles, and it will look charmingly silly with the black-and-purple faerie wings the Viking got for me.

Event stuff is going well, all things considered. There are, of course, some last-minute tweaks and changes, and I'm going to be fiendishly busy on Friday, even before I get up to the event site (and no, little minions, I am not going to get to the event site much before 3 on Friday afternoon -- I have to get the 'yota's oil changed and run several other errands before I can leave, and it's a good hour and a half between my home and the site. As it is, the Viking and I are going to have to travel separately, because he has to work that day and won't get off until well after 3. Draw a deep breath. You will still have plenty of time to set up).

Back to work.

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