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21 October 2004 - 1:53 PM


I am a growly scowly shrub today.

Some of it is being tired. It seems like I'm always flirting with the ragged edges of exhaustion, and Sunday last with the troubles with Buttercup, I skittered a bit too far. I stopped painting half an hour early at class last night because I was too tired to have fine motor skills.

Some of it is event stuff. It's now less than two weeks before Thegns and Thralls and the micromanagers are crawling out of the mopboards and doorframes. I appreciate that the barony needs the event to be a success, but I've been working on this shindig since last November and if you wanted to remind me of all the things I may have forgotten, you should have started a couple of months ago.

Some of it is just plain old crankiness. I've always had a curmudgeonly streak. Being tired and dealing with micromanagement isn't improving matters.

Some of it is probably the seasonal affective depression, too, isn't it? Blast, I just thought of that. I don't know why the darkness takes me by surprise, year after year. You'd think I'd have learned to expect it, but somehow it always ambushes me. I wonder if I have any full-spectrum light bulbs at home?

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