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16 October 2004 - 7:31 AM

The Splendour of Our Achievement

Congratulations to Rosine and Tully for correctly answering the trivia question. The band was Shriekback, and the song is 'Nemesis', from the Oil and Gold album.

Bonus question: 'Parthenogenesis' is a relatively modern coinage (my desktop dictionary says 1849) from the Greek parthenos, 'virgin,' plus Latin genesis, 'creation.' It refers to reproduction by the development of a gamete (usually a female one) without fertilisation. It occurs in some lower orders of plants (where it is called parthenocarpy) and certain invertebrates and amphibians. As Rosine said, some newts do it.

What a great band. Quite apart from the fact that it's hard not to like a group which can not only use the word 'parthenogenesis' in a song, but also make it rhyme, in the chorus, they did things with dance-goth-techno that make Moby look like a piker. Inspired music-making.

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