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07 October 2004 - 10:34 AM

Garden Report

If I mistype my login as Daemon Ra one more time, I may just give up and change my name.

We will not be making it to Crusades as the Viking has to work this weekend. The every-other-weekend part of the new job is not ideal, but he is off the weekend of my event, so we'll take what we can get.

I will be spending the weekend tending to various household tasks and planting bulbs. In addition to the tulips from the other weekend, I did break down and buy some daffodils, 'Erlicheer' and 'Bell Song.' I also got 25 bulbs of Hyacinthoides non-scripta (that'd be your old-world wood hyacinth, also known as bluebells) and 25 of Allium caeruleum. I note that I must be moving into a fixation with blue flowers. Last year, I think I said something to the effect that Allium moly would likely be the only Allium I'd ever grow, and only because it was moly. Now here I am with 25 bulbs of Allium caeruleum, which I bought mostly on a whim and entirely because they are blue.

I have six new irises, as well, 3 each of 'Babbling Brook' (lavender blue) and 'Edith Wolford,' (yellow standards and lavender blue falls). Blue again.

Also, to my great delight, I scored some Helleborus x orientalis (Lenten Roses) on web special at Wayside Gardens, so I got 3 plants for the price of 1. The colours for Lenten Roses tend to range from greenish to purplish, and there's no predicting what colours these will be until they bloom. The odds are good that they won't be blue. But they grow in shade, and I've got plenty of that.

I'd say I need to pick up mulch, but the oaks will be dropping their leaves soon, and if I can get the Viking to run the mulching mower over them a few times, I can use those for mulch. I should check my stock of bulb chow. I know I had some left after last year, but I don't remember how much. I do need a couple of sacks of manure. It would be nice if the daylilies felt well-fed enough to bloom next summer.

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